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PURGO Regen Live Surgeries Course




8 Hours

    Course in English     

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À propos du cours

Cours Abstract :

- Focus on surgical and biological strategies to increase the predictability and decrease the invasiveness of bone regeneration.

- Understand how Osteo-Immunology is changing the game regarding biomaterial selection and handling.

- Live surgeries, it’s all about details :

Precisely position titanium mesh and screws

Easily manage the soft tissues : buccal and lingual flaps

Appropriate suturing technique : fast and effective

Lecture :

- Osteo-Immunology : practical aspect of the patient preparation to the surgery

- PRF and Sticky Bone : Biological and clinical advantages

- Do we always need other membranes : yes ? no ? when ? why ?

- From the initial incision to the last sutures : every surgical steps with every details

- Anatomical review with specific focus on the mental nerve and its dissection

- Lingual flap management

- Avoiding and managing complications

- Specificities of implant placement in a regenerated ridge

3 Live surgeries with specific emphasis on :

Incision : proper use of a 15 blade

Fap elevation with finesse

Flap release in the least traumatic way using Soft Brushing instruments

Sticky Bone insertion

Membrane stabilization

Suturing technique in 2 layers : apical mattress and continuous lock

- Single or multiple extractions combined with implants placement and bone grafting

- Horizontal bone augmentation

- Vertical bone augmentation

- Implant placement in a previously grafted site

- Uncovering of implants placed in a grafted site

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Dr. Jérôme Surmenian

Votre instructeur

Dr. Jérôme Surmenian

- Dental Degree from the Dental School in Nice, France
- Master of Science in Oral Biology, Boston University
- Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Periodontology and Implantology, Boston University
- Private practice in Nice, France

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